Gretl has received an unprecedented amount of coverage in the media throughout her years. It is interesting to note that all of it is unsolicited and that she never adveritised.
Even German television has produced shows which included her.
She has been recognized on the street by strangers in places as far away as Brazil and Hawaii. "You're Strudl Gretl!", they would say. Clearly, she was that and much much more.

I will post articles periodically as time permits.
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Gretl Uhl: an Aspen legend dies at home as the snow falls
By Mary Eshbaugh Hayes
Aspen Times Weekly, vol. 123 - Issue No. 9
March 2,3, 2002.

If you love skiing and good food... Thank Gretl
By Brent Gardner-Smith
Aspen Times Weekly, vol. 122 - Issue No. 40
October 6,7, 2001.

Gretl, far from forgotten, could have own ski trail
By Brent Allyn Harvey
Aspen Times, vol. 15 - Issue No. 46
March 5, 2002.